4JAKS, LLC (Plant-Scaper)

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5262 Concord Mill Pl.
Fairfield, OH 45014

Plant-Scaper- "Build as it Grows" plant support system. Revolutionary new way to tend to your plants. Lets you add support as the plant needs it. You can direct the growth of your plants rather than them directing you! Simply slide the pieces together for whatever configuration you desire and let it support the plant, where ever the support is needed. Continuously adjustable throughout the season. Easy to assemble/dis-assemble & adjust. Multi purpose configure ability: circles, squares, triangles, trellises, climbing plants, etc. No tools required. ABS and Rigid PVC, UV resistant material. Keeps garden tidy. Can construct at any time, doesn't have to be when you plant. Can be used in gardens, pots, barrels, etc.

*Regularly $23.99 Show specials: 1 for $20.00, 2 for $35.00, 4 for $60.00

  • Garden, Decks, Patios, Landscape, Outdoors
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